It all started in 1985 when Wg.Cdr.H.K.Singh gifted me an English pointer male pup out of parent stock which he had imported from U.K. where he had gone as part of a defense delegation along with my father,than joint secretary(ministry of defense,G.O.I.). Little knowing what I had,on persuasion of Mr.Shandilya,the secretary delhi kennel club,I entered my dog in the dog show held by K.C.I. at the zoological gardens and to my surprise my dog rover won 4 C.C.’s & 1R.C.C.(3 of them under foreign judges) in 1986/87/88. Hobby became a passion and passion turned into a profession as I graduated in 1994-95 with a degree in Veterinary science and Animal husbandry from Anand ,Gujarat. I set up my clinic in Bhopal(M.P.) on 1st january’1996 and in it opened a small pet shoppe in November’97.Since then I dabbled a bit with dog breeding,but after more than a decade of experience in understanding pet dogs, different breeds and what a new dog owner wants and aspires for in his pet, myself and a team of genuine dog lovers in Bhopal decided to start our own dog breeding facilities.Our aim – “ TO PROVIDE GENUINE QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES,WITH A CONTRACT OF FREE HEALTHCARE CONSULTANCY DURING THE MOST CRITICAL PERIOD OF GROWTH.” We currently breed-LABRADOR RETRIEVERS,GOLDEN RETRIEVERS,BEAGLES AND GERMAN SHEPHERDS. Very soon we will be having our own stock of BULL MASTIFFS also.It has been a long journey well rewarded by our long list of satisfied clients both in the clinic and of the pet shoppe. Your encouragement and patronage of our facilities has been our fuel and we hope to serve dog lovers across India in the years to come.